Friday, October 15, 2010

2010 DEMA Show

Lightweight, Breathable, Dive Footwear Grip Socks®
Makes Debut at 2010 DEMA Show

Austin, TX (Sept 10, 2010) – Sand Socks, Inc. is introducing their revolutionary new Grip Socks® to
the Dive industry at the 2010 DEMA show in Las Vegas November 17-20 (Booth #3233). Grip Socks®,
a breathable, protective neoprene & Lycra® sock, are designed to fill a niche which no other footwear
has filled. Grip Socks® can be worn alone – giving the feel and flexibility of bare feet with a layer of
protection from hot, cold, rough surfaces and stray objects – or can be easily worn under shoes, sandals,
or fins.
Grip Socks® have a 3mm wetsuit quality sole with a thin rough skin laminate which provides abrasion
resistance and traction on slick surfaces. The neoprene sole and thin neoprene at the heels and toes
protect the athletes’ feet from the elements while a breathable Lycra® material covering the top of the
foot and around and above the ankles allows feet to breathe while keeping out sand, mud, and gook,
allowing water to pass through, and the material to quickly dry.
“We’ve seen an interest in Grip Socks across the spectrum from Dive, SCUBA, snorkle, to kayaking
and boating,” said Diane Booher, Director of Sales for Sand Socks, Inc. “We designed Grip Socks® so
water sports athletes could use the product with the same comfort as bare feet, but with better traction
and more protection,” says Ms. Booher. “Grip Socks work as fin socks in the water, preventing chafing
of the heel and ankles, while being lighter and more comfortable than traditional booties. And once the
diver or snorkler decides to exit the water and step up onto the beach, into the sand, mud, or dirt, he has
a good level of protection from those elements. If tougher shoes are required, for example to step onto
sharp rocks or coral, he can easily slip their shoes on over the Grip Socks in seconds.”
Grip Socks® provide a water-compatible, comfortable sock for use with footwear while performing
water sports. “Jet skiers, rafters, and boaters love to wear these under their shoes while on the lake and
then kick off the shoes when they jump into the water.” Says Mike Sickmiller, founder of Sand Socks,
Inc. Divers also find the neoprene heel prevents chafing from the fin straps without the bulkiness of
booties or solid neoprene fin socks.
After making footwear for beach sports including soccer, volleyball and other sand sports, “We saw an
opportunity to make a ‘cross-trainer’ sock good both in the water and on the sand,” Mr. Sickmiller
noted, “and it performs so well in both environments with its tougher sole protecting against grittier sand
while the water athletes love its performance in the water and its grip to surfaces.” Divers and boaters
have bought into Grip Socks® for the same reason, “The sole gives me a better grip to slippery surfaces
than my booties,” stated John Sarins, an avid diver from Fort Myers, FL “They give me protection and
traction on the boat before I gear up, they let my feet breath, and my fins go right on over them.”
Sand Socks, Inc. is a pioneer in beach and water sports footwear. Filling a niche between bare feet and
conventional footwear, Sand Socks, Inc.’s products are designed for athletes who like the feel of
barefoot sports but who want the protection to play longer, safer, and harder. For more info, visit

Diane Booher
Director of Sales
(512) 607-6563
Booth # 3233

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